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Monolith Actionboard is a front-end interface designed to communicate insights gathered from the sensor technology installed in stores. It combines behavioral and economic factors to provide third level insights needed for effective store management.

01 Attract

Are your campaigns attracting the right customers? Are they more male, female, young or old? At what time of the day do they come into the store? Are you allocating the right amount of staff at each spot, time and day?

You’re now able to understand the full spectrum of your shoppers to assess campaign impact, adjust assortments and in-store advertising. Attract provides a full breakdown of a store’s attraction to each customer segment to become more responsive.

People Counters

With our intelligent people counters, you will be able to see how many people come in at what part of the day. We can correlate it to your conversion to detect days or times of the day that can be optimised.

Shopper Demographics

By profiling each visitor that walks into your store by gender and age, you can optimise campaigns, zones and layouts to target the right customers. Understanding the consumer patterns on a granular level will allow retailers to make more customer-centric decisions.

Dwell Time

Through quantifying the engagement level, you can assess the impact of your campaigns on the consumers. Paired with sales results, it will allow you to detect in which stores the opportunity of shopper minutes is not fully seized due to poor staff performance.

02 Engage

How easy is it to navigate around the store? How do you measure staff performance beyond conversion rate? Are your designs actually working? How do you manage your queues to make sure shoppers buy and leave satisfied?

Engage helps you learn about the different in-store shopper behaviours and show you how to optimise every part of the shopping journey. Explore how shoppers engage through analyzing their customer flow, dwell, activity and more.

Zone View

With an aerial view of the zones in each, you’ll be able to quantify the engagement level across each zones. By collecting dwell time, you can A/B test to further improve performance.

Staff Management

Knowing the peaks and lows of visitor traffic will allow you to allocate staffs when and where it is most necessary.

Shelf Optimisation

Beyond heatmaps, you will be able to quantify the level of interaction between visitors and items on the shelves. A/B test each item/shelf combination to maximise the conversion rate of each shelf.

Queue Analytics

By tracing the queue pattern in each hour and days of the week, store managers can increase or decrease the number of staffs at the register to minimise consumer angst.


Are your actions making a difference? How are your campaigns and changes affecting the sales results? How are you adjusting to the shopper behaviors to making significant impact?

Find out how campaigns and store changeovers affect your revenues and shopper behavior. IMPACT combines behavioral metrics with sales results to complete the 360° shopper profile.

POS integrations

By integrating the sales data, you’ll be able to correlate the data with new insights to take immediate decisions that lead to actions.

Campaign Benchmark

Understand how different campaigns affect your bottom-line and benchmark each campaign against each other.

Knowledge Centre

Stay up-to-date with the features and learn how to effectively use the features within the Actionboard.

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